Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brave War Heroes All

Brave War Heroes All

To the tune of: John Peel

Cashel Boylo

Rumsfeld says he's watched lots of wars
Says he finds 'em tough to watch
They're tough, he says, they're tough tough tough
Wars are mighty tough to watch

Cheney prefers to prioritize
Sounds more impressive than tellin' lies
He supported the war 'gainst the Vietnamese
But for himself had other priorities

George Walker Bush scorns such alibis
A War President, war gives him a thrill
Served in the Texas Air National Guard
Wounded in Alabama by a dentist's drill

Rice is well qualified to serve
But has made damn sure she don't
When it comes to stickin' her neck out
You can bet your ass she won't

Paul Wolfowitz is something else
Like Adolf Hitler, he loves war
But Paul don't care to participate
Prefers to sit at a desk and peddle hate

Five glorious heroes led us into war
Every one of 'em avoided service
Where we go from here, I hate to think
History will record a horrible stink


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