Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dubya Rouses His Troops

The Warrior President appeared onstage in a business suit, not in one of his more generally favored military drag costumes.
More befitting for a businessman who is getting richer every second as the price of oil soars.
As usual, Dubya talked to a captive military audience, these Navy Midshipmen not much more than children.
Most unusual, but likely to become the norm, Dubya performed without any of his usual Backup Chorus Line -- Con Doll, Torture Dick and Rummy were all conspicuously absent.. No Laura, Momma or Poppa anywhere in sight either.
Don't nobody want to be seen with this guy?
Seems like all the rats are deserting Dubya's fast sinking Ship of State.
Dubya the Defiant boldly declared: "This is my war. I started it and I ain't gonna quit it until I'm good and ready and absolutely super-rich. And then only on my terms."
Commander-in-Chief, All-Powerful Dubya then flaunted his own special brand of staunch patriotism:-
"Give Me Victory or Give Them Death."


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