Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cashel Boylo

Cashel Boylo

Ready Fire Aim
(To the tune of "Cigareetes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women" recorded by Red Ingles)

Shootin' is fun, it's my delight
Love to give little birds a fright
Love to shoot things that can't shoot back
If you don't dig it, well fuck you Jack

I'm Vice President and above the law
No seven buck license, that'd be a bore
Don't talk to the sherrif till I've had a good snore
Don't talk to the press, what are they good for?

So my shot was misplaced into Whittington's face
He should'n'a been there, it's his disgrace
My priority is on important work to do
Can't expect me to focus on what's in plain view

I'm Vice President and I'll shoot whom I please
And torture anybody I happen to seize
And if you don't like it, well you can go hang
I'll hang and I'll hang and I'll hang and I'll hang


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