Saturday, January 07, 2006

Big George

Cashel Boylo

Big George

(To the tune of "Long John Blues" as recorded by Dinah Washington)
Copyright 2006 Cashel Boylo

Oh we got a president thinks he's ten feet tall
We got a president he thinks he's ten feet tall
But when we look hard at him
Why, there ain't no man there at all

He don't fly no plane, don't drive no car
Falls offa his bike, can't play guitar
Can't knock a nail in a little bit o' wood
Yet he took us to war - 'cos God said he should

Says he talks to God 'most every day
Yet loves scheming rougues like Tom DeLay
Despises the Constitution, of paper a scrap
Made to be avoided and treated like crap

He rides a mountain bike but keeps away from hills
Loves to wear uniform, war gives him the thrills
Loves to dodge duty, breaks his oath at will
Hell, I'm a war president, I'll do what I will.


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