Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cashel Boylo

Cashel Boylo

Condoleezza Ain't No Coon

Not like any Coon we've ever knoon
Don't have no Coon butt
Don't have no Coon hips
Don't have no Coon laigs
Don't have no Coon lips
Don't have no Coon boobs
Don't have Coon nose, eyes or ears
And it ain't Coon hair neither
Her color seems to change from day to day
In Pakistan she looks Quadroon
In London she looks Octroon
Whatever she is, she's no damn good
My best guess is that's she's a Jew
Some sort of Ethiopian stew
Imported into the U.S.A.
To lead us all sadly astray
Laura says she should be President
Not surprisin' considerin' the resident
The mysterious Mulatto wants to hear us cheer
The War on Iraq was her idea

Monday, March 20, 2006

Cashel Boylo

Cashel Boylo

This ain't no civil war
I got my own definition
This ain't no civil war
Ain't no fronts, no defined friction

This ain't no civil war
We're winnin' hearts and minds
Any day now we'll start winnin'
We'll get their oil, all will be fine

It's all okay in far Iraq
Our troops will soon be comin' back
And I am so proud of what they've done
America rules, we're number one

Cindy Sheehan thinks otherwise
Her suffering is called unwise
The press says she's unpatriotic
Well, the press is just idiotic.